Full Day Oasis


Come and be nourished among other writers for an entire day.
Tap into new wellsprings. See what bubbles up.

Writers at the Table
We will gather in my home in Toronto’s west end after 9:30 and begin writing together at 10:00. I will provide prompts to get your creative juices flowing. You will be invited to share your on-the-spot writing with a supportive audience and you will receive valuable feedback.

After a delicious lunch, you will have approximately 2.5 hours of silent time during which you may do whatever you wish: continue something begun in the morning, work on something you have left simmering for months, begin something you’ve wanted to bring to life for years, go for a walk, meditate, clean my house. Okay, maybe not that. I’ll try to clean before you come.
We will gather again around 4:00 for a last reading of the day. We should finish by 5:00. Okay, maybe 5:30.

The cost is $80 and this includes lunch. I ask that you register on-line or email me with the date to secure a place, and then pay by cheque or email funds transfer within a week to secure your space. I am able to facilitate a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 writers at a time.


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