May I kindly recommend:

Bianca Marais

Go here to find out about this brilliant writer, author, teacher and podcaster. Make sure you connect from there to her weekly offering that is as funny as it is informative:

The Shit No One Tells You About Writing

This is a podcast for emerging writers, who are looking to improve their work with an aim to having it published, or anyone who would like a behind-the-scenes look at the publishing industry.

Vicki Pinkerton

AWA facilitator of traditional AWA workshops as well as Pot of Gold Story Starter writing sessions, 15 minutes, 2-3 prompts, and you’re golden.

Emily Stoddard

Online writing workshops, toolkits + support to care for your creative instincts.  Pop-up gatherings, 15 minutes long.  15 minutes?  Yes, and you won’t believe what you get started in these…

James Dewar

James is a publisher, producer, teacher, editor, writer and AWA facilitator. Whew!  He facilitates poetry workshops as well as a year long course A Novel Approach to Fiction.”

With Sue Reynolds, he organizes and leads the best retreats for writers in foreign lands. I believe we are heading for Tuscany in the fall of 2021! Think about it….

Kate Marshall-Flaherty

A poet and performer, a writer of P.O.E.M.s (Poems of the Extraordinary Moment written spontaneously on special occasions),  a poetry and prose editor, and a marvelous workshop facilitator.

Sue Reynolds

AWA workshop facilitator for 20 – count ‘em – 20 years, mentor to writers of poetry, memoir and fiction. Sue offers programs that run for months at a time. She works with new writers and writers who have been writing all their lives. She really does it all, people. AND check out her Pajama Writing Sessions to get you on-task and accountable … and it’s fun!