A poem for

your special occasion

A Poem Just for You. (And you and you and you….)

For the past few years I have written spontaneous poems for people at events, most notably, the Poetry in Union events put on by the League of Canadian Poets on Valentine’s Day at Union Station in Toronto.  I sat with perfect strangers, we talked for a few minutes about what was on their minds, or if they had someone they wanted to write a poem to or about, and then I wrote for 5 minutes.  At the end I read them their poem, gave them the original version, kept one for the league, and they left….with their very own poem, having been listened to and heard.  I can’t tell you how satisfying the whole experience is for everyone involved.

And it can happen on ZOOM.  Think of inviting me to your next on-line celebration, social event, gathering of High School friends, and giving everyone the gift of a poem written just for them.