Susie is quite simply a superior writing teacher. I have taken a number of online writing workshops and hers is the best. I have studied with her online for several months now. She is energetic and keeps the class moving. She is very supportive and has a cheerful disposition. She knows how to take a group of individuals and transform them into a supportive community of learners. She provides interesting prompts and is very flexible. For example, you may choose to write more on the first prompt if you feel more comfortable with it than the second. Hearing your classmates read their work is so interesting as are their comments on other writers’ work. You come to know the other people in the room. I think her classes have made me both a better writer and listener.

David Williams

South Orange, NJ

The mood of warm, open listening is a gift. The space is beautiful and comfortable. Nourishment on all levels. Connectedness, laughter, tears and all is possible.

Elyse Pomeranz

Toronto, ON

Blessings on you and your healing OASIS, my dear Susie. Your creativity and love flow through all aspects of the day. You let us “be still” and find treasures “here… and here… and here…”

Kate Marshall Flaherty

Toronto, ON

Susie has been my writing guide since 2016, in person weekly 6 months of each year, and now weekly on-line. She sets a tone of calm and stillness that opens paths of creativity. Time with her awakens my senses and inspires my writing whether it’s a one-hour session or a half-day workshop. She listens with care and her feedback casts new light on my writing. I am grateful for the influence she has had on my writing and look forward to each session.

Mary Ella Magill

Toronto, ON

I have now enjoyed two wonder-full writer’s days at Susie’s home. I imagine that like most people, my first experience began with some trepidation. Am I really a writer? Do I belong here? Will anything come? Will I have the guts to share it? Will it be awful?

But Susie’s great hospitality, continuous encouragement, infectious spirit and generous comments put me quickly at ease. She skillfully addressed the negative thoughts and primed our pumps with intriguing exercises. I sensed a shift for everyone around the table. Each session was comprised of different participants, but we were all pleasantly surprised, and moved – by what came out of us, and out of each other.

The quiet afternoon allowed me to concentrate on a project that has been beckoning for some time. I ended the day invigorated, itching to come back for more. Which I did. Which I will again, and soon.

Casey Rock

Toronto, ON

I had the opportunity to attend a writing workshop with Susie. My book club did it as a group. I am a former Math teacher. I love numbers and equations and did not feel I had much creativity, writing. But, I am a team player. When we shared one of our guided writings there were many positive comments about my piece. I was on top of the world. It does pay to come and play with the team.


Janet Ranaletta

Rochester N.Y.